Practice Areas

Information and Communication Security Guide

The “Information and Communication Security Guide” has been issued by the Presidency Digital Office within the scope of the Presidential Circular dated 06.07.2019 and numbered 2019/12, which prescribes the Information…More »

Personel Data Protection Law

Gedikbaş Law Office attaches great importance to information security policies and data security, and provides Personal Data Protection Law compliance projects services with its legal expert team in the field…More »

Procurement and Construction Law

Gedikbaş Law Office provides necessary legal consultancy to work and project owners, contractors, subcontractors, and sectors’s all other shareholders. We offer you legal consultancy and attorney services like…More »

Criminal Law

Rapid economic growth and increasing foreign investments cause an increase in criminal investigations and prosecutions as well as legal disputes…More »

Corporate Law

Gedikbaş Law Office provides all the demands that may be needed in an equity company within the scope of commercial law. Our services include different and up to date items like founding process, corporate…More »

Mergers and Acquisitions

Gedikbaş Law Office offers tailor made, strategic legal services for domestic and international corporate mergers and acquisitions such as management of negotiations, preparation of contracts, maintaining approval…More »

Labor Law

Gedikbaş Law Office offers intensive legal services management of employee – employer relationship, protection of the rights of business owners and workers and preparation of collective and personal employment…More »

Banking And Finance

Gedikbaş Law Office offers comprehensive legal services to off-shore and international banks such as disputes caused by mortgaged or collateral loans, credits loans, preparation and leasing, factoring…More »

International Commercial Transactions

Gedikbaş Law Office, offers extensive legal services to domestic and abroad corporations in order to prevent unfair competition, taking precautions, crossborder investments and international operations…More »

Tax Law

Gedikbaş Law Office provides comprehensive legal  services such as settlements or litigation services on tax disputes arising from private transactions, intercompany transactions, resource transfers…More »


Mediation is a dispute resolution method carried out with the participation of an impartial and independent third party, who has specialized with training, in order to resolve private law disputes arising…More »

Environment Law

Gedikbaş Law Firm, offers legal advice with regards to Environmental Law and current legislation. We provide comprehensive services on waste management, land use and settlement, environmental impact…More »

Maritıme Law

Gedikbaş Law Office, offers legal services in the field of Maritime Law such as collective average rescue-aid, ship wreck removal or rescue, enforcement of legal pledge rights, marine pollution, environmental…More »

Energy Law

 Gedikbaş Law Firm provides legal consultancy  services with field experts lawyers within the scope of national and international energy law regulations together with EMRA regulations in our country…More »

Aviation Law

Gedikbaş Law Firm, experienced in Aviation Law, provides comprehensive legal consultancy services on national and international law and legislation issues and charter contracts; Passengers and their…More »

Administrative Law

Gedikbaş Law Office provides guiding services to public institutions and organizations, companies actively operating in various sectors of the market and in regulating their relations with all administrative…More »

Defence Industry

Gedikbaş Law Firm; offers service participants of defense industry tenders, preparation and control of project files, financing, preparation of international contracts, legal audit of the compliance of technical…More »

Contract Law

Gedikbaş Law Firm; provides legal services on issues such as the arrangement, validity, termination of all kinds of contracts such as movable-immovable lease contracts, all kinds of manufacturing contracts…More »


Gedikbaş Law Firm takes pride in solving commercial disputes between the parties in a holistic approach with its experienced staff in national and international trade disputes. It represents his clients…More »

Foreigners and Citizenship Law

Gedikbaş Law Firm;offers legal services to foreigner natural or legal persons; from the natural and legal persons of the work permit process in the foreign status of commercial and legal status report…More »

Tourism Law

Gedikbaş Law Firm provides all legal services to its foreign and domestic clients in all matters related to the construction, sale, leasing and transfer transactions, financing, granting and operating of the franchise…More »

Mining Law

Gedikbaş Law Firm; provides advocacy and consultancy services for the legal solution of administrative fines of mining; disputes arising from the mining license law, the negligence, unification, extension…More »

Media Law

Gedikbaş Law Firm; carries out all kinds of work meticulously in order to protect the legal interests of its clients in many areas such as carrying out works aimed at compensating the damage suffered in terms…More »