Foreigners and Citizenship Law

Gedikbaş Law Firm;offers legal services to foreigner natural or legal persons; from the natural and legal persons of the work permit process in the foreign status of commercial and legal status report preparation, the company installation and the company operations or other cases related to the international legal matter, and pursuit of solutions and cases of related disputes. Furthermore, Gedikbaş Law Office Provides you services such as Follow-up of citizenship application procedures, resolution of disputes and the pursuit of annulment cases in case of rejection of the citizenship application, the employment of blue and white collar foreign workers of companies; work and residence permit monitoring of the application, recognition and enforcement of the divorce judgment by foreign court, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards, foreign real and follow-up of cases in which legal persons that are parties in Turkey. Moreover, Gedikbaş Law Office provides legal service and information to establish a company in Turkey by foreigners; government agencies, partners, arranging contracts that will take place between employees and customers, and resolution of foreing disputes, resolution of disputes that may arise with the transactions relating to real estate purchases and sales in Turkey, consulting services giving regarding the inheritance law in Turkey, the controversial provisions of international conventions.